Combing the Net – 9/1/2010

Money Isn’t the Root of Evil — Andrew Peterson has long been one of my favorite songwriters, but I’ve also become a big fan of his fiction and non-fiction writing. Today he begins a new series on his blog, looking at issues related to money. Please read it! I was especially intrigued to see how his views on poverty have changed since writing the song “Land of the Free”, which he mentions in this post. If you’ve never heard the song, you can hear it here, but I encourage you to read Peterson’s comments about this song from the liner notes of a later album in which he recants some of the lyrics from the song. It’s a very humbling thing for a songwriter to do, and I admire him for it.

What About Family Planning? — A conversation between Mark Driscoll and Randy Alcorn about whether or not Christians may use birth control, along with a fictional conversation between two Christians articulating different sides of the discussion. For further study on this topic, I highly recommend this Driscoll sermon, and the book God, Marriage, and Family by Andreas Köstenberger.

Beware of “Professional Weaker Brethren — What to do with those who seem to abuse their position as “weaker” brothers to impose legalistic restrictions on Christian liberty?

Men, if you do nothing else today, watch this video:

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