Combing the Net – 9/4/2010

Dirty and Happy — Mike Rowe from the show “Dirty Jobs” on how the work ethic in our society has decreased. A college education can be a good thing, for sure, but why do we now feel that everybody needs one, or that “skilled labor” is somehow less valuable? (HT: Z)

Hell: Remembering the Awful Reality — The newest 9Marks Journal has seven great articles about Hell.

Pastoral Succession — This is a great article about ways that churches struggle when a long-termed and much-loved pastor steps down or moves on, and how some prominent pastors are preparing for their eventual departure.

Andrew Peterson on Money — Wednesday I posted part 1 of Andrew Peterson’s blog series on money and poverty. Part 2 and Part 2.5 are now online. Those familiar with Wendell Berry will recognize a lot of commonalities in the types of things Peterson says, which is to be expected. Andrew Peterson is one of Wendell Berry’s biggest fans!

Seven Things for Christians Not to Sip at the Tea Party — Douglas Wilson admonishes conservative Christians not to get too wrapped up in Tea Party politics. Many of the political goals of the Tea Party movement are “seductive to evangelicals”, but we must “beward the idolatry of a Christless civil religion.”

We Need Sunday School Answers — Sometimes simple answers to problems are the right ones. “Most of us don’t want to be preached at in the midst of suffering.  But the basics are truly what we need.  Truth is what comforts us.  There is a tragic sophistication and cynicism toward basic Christian truths today by many young people.  We’ve heard those answers.  They’re too simple, we reason.  We ask for more.”

The power of music:

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