Combing the Net – 9/5/2010

Fire at Tennessee Mosque Site was Arson — No matter who did this it’s a crime, but I sure hope it doesn’t end up being somebody who claims to be Christian. The liberal media would love nothing better than to have a “Christian Terrorist” to point at.

Why God Did Not Create the Universe — Stephen Hawking on the belief that a “multiverse” can account for the origins of our world and its species, “no god required”. The real reason for this belief (and for every form of belief that denies God’s existence) is summed up in the last line: “This makes us in a sense the lords of creation.”

Are Christians Hypocrites? — Answering a common objection to Christianity.

The Worst Hillsong Song Ever — Today is Father’s Day in Australia, but that’s no excuse for this…

A new (but old) hymn from Matthew Smith:

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