Combing the Net – 9/22/2010

Twitter Has Been Hacked — A press release from the AP about a nasty virus affecting Twitter. Thankfully, I use a third-party program called Hootsuite to access my Twitter account. Speaking of which, if you’re on Twitter, follow me (@honeylocusts)!

Christian Piracy — Tim Challies writes about an area of sin which is extraordinarily rampant among Christians. It’s certainly something I was convicted of several years ago. Back in the days of Napster, I wore out my 128K Internet connection downloading music pretty much around the clock for months at a time. I only got around to deleting those files about three years ago.

Should Christians Practice Yoga? — Here’s a response by Zach Nielsen to an article by Al Mohler (which I posted here two days ago) about yoga. Nielsen argues that the movements themselves are not sin if separated from the spiritual practices. Mohler technically says the same thing, but that they can’t be separated. What do you think?

Where Did Waters Part for Moses? — The National Center for Atmospheric Research believes that they have produced a model that shows that it is actually possible that a strong, sustained wind could have parted the waters for Moses and the Israelites as they fled Pharoah and the Egyptian army during the Exodus. Personally, I’m not sure of the value (or validity) of stuff like this. At best, this could only “prove” that the Bible is a mythological account based on some true historical events. Belief in the Bible, and in the God it reveals, requires belief in the miraculous. No physics model is ever going to demonstrate the plausibility of a man actually dying and then returning to life three days later. I’m not at all “anti-science”; I think experiments like what’s described in this CNN article are pretty cool. I just think there’s a limit to what science can actually explain.

Why Prenatal Screening Harms as Much as It Helps — A recent New York Times article that illustrates one of the reasons why Laurie and I elected not to do pre-natal screening during our first pregnancy, and why we will make the same choice again with this one.

Mecca Diaries — Here an American Muslim documents his Haaj, the pilgrimage required of every Islamic believer once during their lifetime.

From Monday night’s Phillies vs. Braves game:

One comment on “Combing the Net – 9/22/2010

  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m glad you found a response to the Mohler article. When I read it I was very bothered about it from then until now! I have recently started doing yoga again at a studio nearby and really enjoy the physical – and mental – effects. I have never felt like my faith was being compromised or challenged, and certainly have never seen anything sexual about it, especially coming from a history of gymnastics and ballet. So far during the “meditation” time at the end of each session, I have never heard anything that contradicted the Christian faith, and at least the instructors I have known, left the time open for you – you can meditate on what you wish, whether that be breathing, letting go of negative thoughts, or even praying. I teach relaxation techniques during groups at work that are very simular. Now I’m certainly not going to go to a Yoga religious gathering and practice!

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