Combing the Net – 9/25/2010

How to Raise Boys Who Read — Absolutely one of the best articles I’ve read in recent memory, and one which every parent of boys must read! I’m a firm believer that “leaders are readers”. If we ever expect our children to become responsible, capable leaders, we must encourage them to read much, to read well, and to read good books. I also echo Mr. Spence’s comments on video games. Bravo.

Stephen Colbert Testifies in Congress — This article links to the entire 2+ hour C-SPAN video of the subcommittee hearing in question, but if you’d not like to watch the whole thing (I certainly haven’t) you can search YouTube for the Colbert clips. This is weird stuff.

Student Flies Like a Bird — A group of students from the University of Toronto have built a man-powered flying machine based on designs sketched by Leonardo DaVinci. Calling it an “ornithopter”, the pilot operates the vehicle by pedaling and flapping his arms, which in turn cause the wings — which span 104 feet, comparable to a 737 — to flap. Amazing!

This guy REALLY hates pennies (and nickels)!

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