A Pentecrostic

My research for the hymnology project has gotten me interested in looking back through my collection of old hymnals. I’d like to share something that I came across in the preface to one that has been handed down in my family for several generations.

The book is called “Pentecostal Hymns” (subtitled “A Winnowed Collection for Evangelistic Services, Young People’s Societies, and Sunday Schools”). It was published in 1894, and was signed by Frank & Lizzie Cowley (relatives on the Crawford side of my mom’s family) in 1895.

Anyway, the front of the hymnal contains an acrostic that I know you’ll love as much as I do:

  • Pentecost was the peep of day.
  • Each dawn wakens melody; music dwells in light.
  • Nature hails every rising sun with a matin of praise.
  • There is a hallelujah chorus in every sunbeam, and an oratorio in every drop of dew the sun kisses.
  • Every heart from sin set free is a whispering gallery wherein Purity walks and Hope sings.
  • Christianity will never fail while men and women pray, praise, and practice.
  • Outbursts of song follow in the wake of showers of blessing.
  • Satan trembles whenever he visits a church where everybody sings.
  • The heart that cannot sing needs Christ.
  • A dumb pew makes a numb pulpit.
  • Let it not be forgotten that sin is a discordant note whose measure is eternity.
  • Holiness is a unison tone, whose time-beat is forever.
  • Years come and go, but “Peace on earth, good-will to men” is the song of ages.
  • Moses would have reached Canaan, had Miriam kept Israel singing.
  • No forward movement is possible where doubt stifles joy, and murmurings drown the voice of praise.
  • Salvation is not a dirge, but a resurrection doxology.

You can read through this exact edition online here. Interestingly enough, by the 1902 edition, the acrostic had been removed. I blame Miriam.

One comment on “A Pentecrostic

  1. Lila Garrison says:

    I wrote you a message last eve, but I think I forgot to post it, so will send it again. Its about the Generation thing.
    1st – Frank & Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie)Cowley – Parents
    2nd – Zella Cowley Crawford Their daughter
    3rd – Lila Crawford Garrison Her daughter
    4th – Joan Garrison Gardner ” ”
    5th – John R. Gardner ” son
    6th – Nate Garder His son
    The Hymnal has been in the family for 6 Generations.

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