Combing the Net – 9/30/2010

Micro Marching League — Finally, an online marching band simulator! Just what the world’s been waiting for!

Having His Cake and Eating It Too — Response to comments made about abortion by our President from a recent town hall meeting.

Tim Challies Hates Blogging — One of the most prolific bloggers on the net writes about fickle readers and the constantly changing literary genre that is Internet blogging.

That Fortress of Fraud Called Congress — Doug Wilson on the merits of a constitutional republic (as opposed to a democracy) and the dilemma faced by secularists who claim to be democrats (as in, proponents of democracy, not affiliates of a political party).

Funny, but possibly NSFW…

One comment on “Combing the Net – 9/30/2010

  1. Stephen says:

    Re the video: that’s one of those moments when a “why do you ask?” would really have helped!

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