Great Work Week

The blog is back in action! Laurie and I had a great and much-needed work week, and knocked out one of the three remaining large renovations needed to get our house ready to sell (the others being the yard/landscaping and the mud room). I think this will have a domino effect, in that a lot of small projects had been languishing on the back burner because we needed to get the dining room walls done first. Now, hopefully I can find a better mix of housework and blogging during my hours at home.

Here’s what we accomplished by dedicating five consecutive days to working on the house:

  • Changed out four light fixtures: the hallway and all three bedrooms.
  • Removed the hideous “Ra-Heat” dials in every room, after first disconnecting and removing the wiring so that it was safe to do so. This incredibly inefficient heating system was all the rage in the 50’s and 60’s, as it had heating coils running along all the ceiling joists in the house… bright idea, since heat rises! In order to get a room comfortable at sitting level, one had to crank the heat at the ceiling level up into the 90’s… a MASSIVE waste of energy. The units in our house still functioned, though we haven’t used them since we moved in. So glad to have those out!
  • Laid quarter-round in the living room, hallway, and our bedroom. First, I caulked and sealed along the edge of the floors. I’m not sure how much of a difference this will make, but reducing the amount of air that passes between our livable areas and the crawlspace is probably better for our energy efficiency and our air quality. Still have the kitchen/dining room and two more bedrooms to caulk and trim out, but I can do those a little bit at a time.
  • Removed old, nasty wooden wall panels from the kitchen and dining room, and replaced them with new, nice wooden wall panels (see pictures below).
  • Began long task of replacing all electrical outlets and light switches in the house. So far, we’ve changed 4/23 outlets and 2/9 switches.

Here are a couple before pictures of the walls in the dining room:

I left a sample of the old wallpaper as a reminder of just how bad it was when I bought the house...


Laurie's attempt to "beautify" our ugly walls

And now some pictures from the work-in-progress:


Thankfully, the old trim and panels came down without too much of a fight.

Hey look... it's the bath tub! Glad to see there's been no spillage or mold in the two years since we remodeled the bathroom.

Studs and old wiring...

We were thankful to have some help from our life group friends on Friday night!

And now, some “after” pictures, though we still have a lot of painting and trim work to do before it’ll be finished:


Please excuse the mess in the living room/temporary workshop.

We'll try to get the trim back up this week.

Next step: I'll finally get to finish the bench seat I built last fall!

Nate's being a good helper!




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