Combing the Net – 10/19/2010

Why Are Pastors Fat? — There certainly are a lot of overweight preachers. Here’s an article asking tough questions about why this is.

What Really Goes On at a School Dance? — Warning: This post is a little graphic, but maybe that’s what parents need in order to get through our thick skulls that we are allowing our kids to grow up with no sense of the biblical standards for living in a fallen world. Jonathan McKee asks the right question: “How stupid are we?” (HT: Darrin Crockett)

Crystal Cathedral Files Bankruptcy — At $43 Million in debt, the feel-good “gospel” church founded by Robert Schuller has finally seen its financial condition match its spiritual condition.

The Abolitionists’ Scandal — I’m a huge fan of William Wilberforce. He’s quite possibly my favorite historical figure. I’m super excited about a lecture about Wilberforce this Friday evening in Cookeville (more on this later), and have been reading a lot of stuff about him lately. This article from a few days ago is possibly the first real “negative” criticism of Wilberforce I’ve read, which seems to back up what is said in the article about this aspect of his life being rarely reported.

Three Books on My Wish List — As always, my reading wish list is expanding faster than I can read, but here are three new books that all look great, for very different reasons:

  1. Republicrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative, by Carl Truman. The link is to an excellent review by Kevin DeYoung.
  2. This Is No Fairy Tale, by Dale Tolmasoff. I’m always looking to expand our collection of good children’s books.
  3. What I Learned in Narnia, by Douglas Wilson. Narnia is one of my favorite stories, and Wilson is one of my favorite authors. Sounds like a winning combination!

Wow… I sure am glad the gubernatorial debate I attended a month ago wasn’t like this!

3 comments on “Combing the Net – 10/19/2010

  1. Stephen says:

    You know, on the “High School Dance” article, under “what to do”, I wonder why he didn’t suggest, “Host an alternative get-together with your kids and several of their friends.”

    There were lots of my friends who would’ve gone in for a bowling night instead of a dance, I think, when I was in high school (for example).

    • John Gardner says:

      Cookeville offers an alternative prom. It began primarily as a homeschool prom, but now a lot of Christian students from the public school attend that prom instead. It’s a great idea… I wish it were implemented in more places.

  2. Good thoughts on “Why are pastors fat?”. Something that I was challenged with by a professor this year. He called it “Eating Theologically”.

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