Combing the Net – 10/20/2010

Johnny Hunt and Calvinism — Wow… what an encouraging video by the most recent Past President of the Southern Baptist Convention, and a testimony by someone whose life has been dramatically and personally affected by Hunt. What a blessing to witness the sort of humility that can admit past mistakes from someone who only a few years ago was possibly the most vocal anti-Calvinist in the SBC! I hope and pray that more Godly men like this will work to build bridges with those of differing theological persuasions, particularly within our own denomination.

The Morning Star of Wittenberg — The next in Justin Taylor’s ongoing and entertaining series on the life of Martin Luther.

Please, Lord, Not Another One — It’s official. There’s going to be another Left Behind movie… a re-make of the first one. Blech.

A Thoughtful Thief — Someone stole a university professor’s laptop, but then backed up all of his data and mailed it to him on a USB drive.

Deodorant Ad Wars — I’m no fan of Axe deodorant, but this is a pretty brilliant response to the equally brilliant Old Spice commercials that came out recently.

Craziest stunt man ever:

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