1 Month and Counting

Today begins the last month of my twenties. I’m not worried about getting old, and the number “30” doesn’t scare me. It just seems like it will be strange to watch the tens column of my age roll over into a new number. Thankfully, I don’t feel as if there are any things I’d hoped to accomplish by thirty which I’ll be required to cram frantically into the next few weeks.

The last several months have been a time of a lot of reflection for my wife and I. We both feel that God has something huge in store for us, just beyond the horizon. We can’t see it yet, but we know it’s coming! Perhaps in the next month I’ll be able to share a little about the many ways the Lord has blessed me in the first three decades of my life, and possibly even where He may be leading us.

In the meantime, since, for some reason, people often feel obligated to purchase things for me on special dates, let me direct those of you who may feel so inclined to a couple places. (Anyone who feels it’s wrong to shamelessly and perhaps selfishly promote one’s own desires should probably skip the rest of this post… but I have family members who always ask me what I want and this is just an easy way to do that!)

Honestly, about the only thing I ever spend money on (for myself, anyway) are books, tools, and hockey tickets. You can’t go wrong with any of those options!

For books, there’s my Amazon wish list, which you can find here. The books aren’t in any particular order. I typically buy most of my books from Monergism.com, but their wish list is harder to share. They do, however, have gift certificates here. Speaking of Monergism… I am a registered affiliate book seller with them now, so if you ever want to buy a Christian book, check with me first. I can probably get it for you cheaper, AND earn some commission in the process!

For tools, it’s hard to say what we’ll need for any given project, but Lowe’s gift cards are always great. Unfortunately, we haven’t got a Home Depot (yet), so Lowe’s is still the only show in town.

For hockey… I think I’ve already got tickets to just about all the games I’ll be able to attend this year, which is, unfortunately, fewer than in past years. We do generally get dinner before or after the games, though, so gift cards to anywhere between here and Nashville will get used!

One comment on “1 Month and Counting

  1. John Gardner says:

    Soooo, when you say you always have family members asking, who could you be talking about haha. Love, dad

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