Combing the Net – 10/22/2010

How the Allies Used Math Against German Tanks — Who says math is a worthless subject?

The Crust and the Core — Kevin DeYoung has re-posted an old article, one of my favorites that he’s written.

Guarding Sabbath for Our Children — This is absolutely critical for parents to understand. When students at our music school are failing to succeed, it is almost always because their schedules are hopelessly over-booked. Parents have their children involved in so many activities that it’s impossible for them to excel at any. They get burned out and defeated. It’s sad to watch, but I see it over and over…

Composer/pianist Sverre Indris Joner has written salsa arrangements of several classical orchestral works. Here’s his version of “The Nutracker Suite” by Tchaikovsky. I highly encourage you to click through to YouTube and watch some of the other arrangements as well… they’re fun!

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