Combing the Net – 10/26/2010

The $300 House Design Challenge — A company has been working on a way to mass produce low-cost housing for the world’s poor. While they haven’t yet been able to build a house for $300, they have managed to produce a pretty nice design that can be built for only $2500 per house, and continue to look for ways to drive that price down.

Crocodile Crashes Plane — If the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Congo is to be believed, an attempt to illegally smuggle a crocodile onto a plane ended poorly when the animal escaped in the cabin.

Why Worrying is a Failure to Grasp the Gospel — If you read this, try to avoid worrying about worrying too much!

Contemporary Hymns — Tim Challies highlights some of the best hymn writers alive today.

Four Lessons from Luther on Married Life — The conclusion to Justin Taylor’s series on Martin Luther and marriage, which has been excellent.

How do I minister to an unsaved friend whose loved one died without a relationship with Christ? Randy Alcorn answers this difficult question (HT: Eternal Perspectives)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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