Combing the Net – 10/29/2010

Who Needs Porn When You Have MTV? — Tracing our gradual desensitization to sex and the objectification of women.

Why “Judgment Houses” Miss the Mark — It’s become common for churches to create alternatives to haunted houses, attempting to show people what Hell will be like in an effort to “scare” them into repentance. Russell Moore gives seven reasons why this is probably a bad idea, even if the intentions are good.

Spontaneity in Worship — Great words about the role of spontaneous worship in our corporate gatherings. Some go too far with spontaneity, but most neglect it altogether. Bob Kauflin helps us find the balance, with help from Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Charles Spurgeon.

Is Baptism a Secondary Doctrine? — How do our views of doctrines such as baptism and other matters of ecclesiology impact our relationship with Christians who hold other views? Dr. Nathan Finn pens a good article addressing these questions.

Here’s a video produced by a group called Share the Good News of Christmas, which encourages all Christians to use this special time to invite unchurched people to hear the gospel. (HT: JT)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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