Combing the Net – 10/30/2010

Dogs, Pumpkins, and Creativity — Some more creative pumpkin carving, this time with portraits of dogs!

Playing Telephone with Science — A cartoon depicting how media reports of scientific research often get distorted.

Lessons on Peace — The grandson of Mahatma Ghandi will be lecturing next Thursday at TTU on “Lessons  I Learned from Grandfather”. I think I may go. Anyone interested in going with me?

Do Church Testimonies Empower Satan? — Does the fact that we portray some testimonies as more “dramatic” than others discourage rather than encourage those who are struggling with sin? Russell Moore asks whether it might be more helpful to highlight testimonies of everyday people who have been delivered from their sins, but who still have struggles and temptations.

Should We Sing About God’s Judgment? — This is an aspect of God’s character often neglected in Christian worship, but it is important that we believe and celebrate true things the God has revealed about Himself.

Many are saying that this is the nastiest election season of all. History begs to differ. (HT: JT)

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