Combing the Net – 11/2/2010

Five Questions for Christians at Election Time — Even though the elections are now over, these are good questions for us to consider.

The Struggles of Gay Christians — Tim Challies’ review of a book I’ve just ordered.

Kissing the Rod — Touching quotes from Jonathan Edwards and his wife Sarah on the occasion of the great preacher’s death.

The 10 Commandments of Short-Term Mission Trips — Things to keep in mind when seeking to participate in a STM trip.

I loved this humorous break from the seriousness of election day. For those who don’t get the joke, read this. And, yes, President Obama IS a Keynesian!

One comment on “Combing the Net – 11/2/2010

  1. Joe Foell says:

    I really enjoyed that piece on Obama being a Keynesian. Along that lines, take a look at the video at this link for a quick (and entertaining) schooling on economic theory.

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