Combing the Net – 11/3/2010

The McRib Returns — An attempt to understand the popularity of this truly disgusting slab of American culture.

The Morning After — There’s no doubt the political landscape of the country changed last night. What does it all mean? “There is a vast distance between running for office and holding office. Campaigning and governing require different skill sets and different commitments. There will be a lot of reality therapy in coming weeks.”

Education and Apologetics — I love this analysis of true Christian education as a form of pre-apologetics. “Teach the tools of truth-seeking. Teach your students grammar, logic, music, art, numbers, and shapes. Teach them to contemplate, not just produce. Teach them the forms of thought. Train your teachers in these tools so they can handle them with competence and comfort. The Truth can be known. Show some confidence and commitment!”

Thanks for Shooting Mario — Trevin Wax thanks his parents for their wisdom in monitoring his video game use when he was young.

Father’s, Don’t Provoke Your Children — I am often guilty of the same two vices which have caused this dad to provoke his children: Perfectionism and Passivism.

David Platt and Operation World — Those familiar with David Platt’s Radical will recognize the title of the book Operation World. Here, Platt writes about the new edition, which comes out this fall.

Been listening to Andrew Peterson’s latest album this morning. Like all his others, it’s excellent!

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