Combing the Net – 11/4/2010

How Dare You Compare Abortion to Slavery — Bryan Kemper responds to those who “cry foul” when pro-life advocates compare abortion to slavery or the Holocaust. (HT: Trevin Wax) Thabiti Anyabwile then responds to Kemper’s article here. Both are very worth checking out.

Why We Can’t Help But Legislate Morality — This essay points out that “all legislation is moral”, and that “one cannot sever morality from the law”. Very thought-provoking, particularly given the common sentiment that “You can’t legislate morality.” (HT: JT)

Letter to a Young Calvinist (from a Young Arminian) — The always intriguing Rachel Held Evans pleads with Calvinists to be kind.

Changing a Church Culture — I’ve been keeping up with the summaries of the sessions of the Trellis and Vine Workshop, but this one was the most intriguing to me. When reading the book (which is excellent; see my review) it was the practical side that seemed the most difficult. How does a church leader or layperson go about changing the culture of a church in order to implement the philosophical ideas presented in the book? This session looks like it did a good job of answering the questions I had. I look forward to the availability of the audio!

John MacArthur’s new book looks very… MacArthurian. Which means I’ll probably buy it:

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