Combing the Net – 11/5/2010

Do Conservatives Know What They’ve Got? — I enjoyed this analysis of Tuesday’s election by Anthony Esolen of Touchstone Magazine. “The fiscal conservatives have no idea that they lack a proper understanding of the human being and of the common good, and that they therefore play the secularist’s game on the secularist’s own turf.  The social conservatives have either bought the idea that “government,” for good or bad, means management by bureaucrats from afar, or have bought so much of the sexual revolution that their residual opposition to killing children remains utterly unmoored from any consistent vision of what a good human life or a virtuous and just human community looks like.”

Stuart Townend on Corporate Worship — Summary of a talk given today by one of the greatest hymn writers alive today.

We Praise What We Care About — Jared points us to wise words by C.S. Lewis.

This dog has definitely learned some useful tricks! (HT: Randy Alcorn)

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