The Truth About Joel Osteen

You heard it here: Joel Osteen is “a pagan religionist” who is “in cohoots with the Devil”.

It always saddens me to see people post “devotionals” on Facebook by this false teacher. Thank God for faithful preachers like John MacArthur who are willing to defend the honor of the pulpit by calling out heretics like Osteen.


On a lighter note, here’s a quiz put together by Tim Challies called Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie? It really is pretty tough to tell the difference!

11 comments on “The Truth About Joel Osteen

  1. Brandon Skaggs says:

    The Joel Osteen Board Game (no joke) has become a Boyce College favorite in the dorms. I was initially disturbed when I walked into the commons area of Carver Hall to see undergrad students playing the game. Of course they bought it for its ridiculous nature but then I quickly became disturbed again when I was told it cost the students $20 and they were up until 3am playing it.

  2. Sue Mitcham says:

    Joel Osteen is a very dangerous man and is leading a band of followers straight to hell. So sad that so many people are being deceived by this man.

  3. K. Gaw says:

    You are a nut….God is love and wants the best for his children. You are judging and tearing down, not edifying anyone. God gave us his Written Word and it is us to us to renew our minds and think on good things and God WILL give us the desires of our heart.

  4. T Nash says:

    He falls under motivational speaker and a good one. As far as doing his job as a Pastor (Shepherd) and feeding the flock, I think he fails really bad. He leads them to believe all is good, no problems, no tempation, and everything will be rosy. The closer you get to God the harder the devil works on you, or he does me anyway. The race we are in is not an easy one and I think the believers need to be better prepared as they are fed by the word of God. JMHO

    • Rachael says:

      You are exactly right. A motivational speaker’s main purpose is to uplift and encourage people. Joel does a great job as a motivational speaker. A pastor teaches truth, encourages, uplifts, but also challenges and holds people accountable. Joel Olsteen is a good motivational speaker, but I would not commission him as a pastor.

  5. […] week I posted video of a stern, pointed rebuke of Joel Osteen by John MacArthur. Based on comments on this blog and others which have posted the same video, it seems that there […]

    • Mike J says:

      Hey there. I actually liked this post, as I have many people in Seattle who follow his (Joel) teachings. I have even been told by non-Christians that they “like him” because he is positive and does not threaten them with condemnation or the Jesus stuff that makes them uncomfortable. Wow is right. So thank you for posting this.

      However, I do have a problem with McAuthur’s rebuke for this reason: as a great preacher and teacher (which I would agree with you), I think his teachings on the Holy Spirit are way off, perhaps dangerously so. I post this just because I know that you and others have a great respect for this man, as I do, but I do not believe all of his teachings can be trusted completely. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this. Thanks.


      • John Gardner says:

        Hey, Mike. Have you read any of the series I wrote about rebukes in general and this one in particular? I still need to finish it, but it’s been a pretty interesting thing to write.

        As far as MacArthur… I do have some serious problems with his teaching in some areas. I always enjoy listening to him, but I definitely do not always agree with him. That said, I do think he was right on in everything he said in this particular video.

        • Mike J says:

          I agree with you. This particular video is spot on. I have also enjoyed your rebuke series in general thus far. In our society, people have a hard time dealing with a rebuke, even when it is needed or even commanded. I will keep reading as you go. It also might help me some of my current situations!

  6. FELICIA H says:

    If joel doesn,t receive the message about JESUS,and begin to preach the Gospel, his motivational speaking is leading him down to the path of destruction.

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