Combing the Net – 11/10/2010

Atheists Conduct “De-Baptisms” With a Blow Dryer — A bit of an older story, but I just saw it yesterday. It’d be funny if it were in The Onion, but this is apparently real. Sad…

Did He Really Say That? — Either George W. Bush has a faulty recollection, or Billy Graham gave the Bush family an account of salvation completely inconsistent with Scripture, not to mention Graham’s entire life’s work. I’m betting the former.

15 Ways to Winterize Your Home — We’ve already done most of these at the Gardner home, but I really need to get on that gutter cleaning… (HT: TW)

Return of the Samurai — The Civil War “live blog” at the NYT is really fascinating. Today we read about the lifestyle and internal politics of pre-Civil War America through the eyes of Japanese diplomats who visited the country in 1860. One wrote, “anyone of good character except a Negro may be elected president.”

Here is a video of a worship hymn from a great album by Sovereign Grace Music based on an ever greater book called Valley of Vision. For lyrics and a story about how this song was written, click here.

2 comments on “Combing the Net – 11/10/2010

  1. Jonathan says:

    May be a selective memory on President Bush’s part. From interviews I’ve seen and articles I’ve read, I think that would be congruent with some of the things he believes, sadly. I remember watching an interview with him on Nightline towards the end of his Presidency, and being disappointed when he gave this answer:
    (The sound byte played over the video at :10 is from another interview with Charles Gibson)

    It has been interesting though, to see the interviews he done in the past week to promote his new book. I watched the Matt Lauer interview Monday night and it was probably the most candid a current or former President has ever been.

    • John Gardner says:

      “May be a selective memory…”

      I agree. I posted both of those interviews on the day of Obama’s inauguration when so many Christians were in mourning because they didn’t believe Obama’s profession of Christian faith was genuine. I’m not sure it was any different with Bush.

      That said, I’m very much looking forward to reading his memoirs. I’m always fascinated to get inside the minds of politicians through their writing, whether I agree with them or not.

      Then again, it wouldn’t be totally unlike Billy Graham to mix up his salvation theology. He’s been known on multiple occasions to say the same sort of things Bush said in those interviews… that people can go to Heaven without knowing Jesus.

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