Combing the Net – 11/11/2010

Pray for Iraqi Christians — Much of our focus has been shifted away from Iraq in the last two years, but our Christian brothers and sisters there are facing increasing persecution.

When the Chair Doesn’t Fit — Why are so many pastors overweight, overworked, and stressed out? Maybe they just weren’t meant to be pastors. Why do we so often think that the only “holy” calling is to a “full-time vocational ministry”?

Where the Heck is the Fruit? — Do you get discouraged when you don’t immediately see fruit in your ministry? I know I do sometimes. Here’s an encouraging post reminding us that fruit takes time… and it’s worth the wait.

Ancient Roman Toddlers — Douglas Wilson on why the study of foreign languages (particularly “upstream” languages like Latin, Greek, and Anglo-Saxon) makes one more proficient in the use of one’s primary language.

Here’s a neat little video about the history of Veteran’s Day, which is today (HT: Desiring God)

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