Combing the Net – 11/15/2010

Better Bible Storytelling — You REALLY need to watch this video of a little girl telling the story of Jonah! There’s also a great list of suggestions for making our own storytelling better.

Responses to Claims of Contradiction — Sam Harris and “Project Reason” recently re-hashed a bunch of worn out supposed Bible contradictions last week, packaging them in a neat new graphic format. Here is a list  of some helpful responses to criticisms of this type.

Why are Young Evangelicals Attracted to Libertarianism or Liberalism? — A hypothesis as to why many young people within the church are drawn either toward Ron Paul and Ayn Rand, or Barack Obama and Jim Wallis.

Awesome Women of the Reformation — We don’t often do a great job of teaching our kids about the men who changed the world during the Reformation. We pretty much never teach that there were also a great many women who were influential in reforming the church.

Here’s a great video about “folk Buddhism”. What does Buddhism look like in practice? (HT: Challies)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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