Book Review: Martin Luther in His Own Words

“Martin Luther: In His Own Words” by Martin Luther

This audiobook contains seven short works by the great reformer Martin Luther. The list includes:

  • 95 Theses
  • Excerpts from Luther’s Tower Experience
  • The Small Catechism
  • On Faith and Coming to Christ
  • On Confession and the Lord’s Supper
  • Of the Office of Preaching
  • The Last Written Words of Luther

For those unfamiliar with Luther and his writing, this is a great introduction. As the collection spans most of his lifetime, you can see Luther’s progression of thought as he gradually broke away from the Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation. In his early writing (such as the 95 theses and his catechism) he is still very much writing in the hopes of reform taking place within the Roman church. While he challenges some of the teachings of the pope and the Catholic priests, he affirms their authority and urges submission to the church by his readers.

In his later writings, however, he has broken more fully from Catholicism, outlining the true, biblical role of preachers of God’s Word as contrasted with the Roman model. His teaching on the Lord’s Supper would have been extraordinarily controversial when it was written!

If you only ever have a chance to read one of the works contained in this collection, I would point you to the shortest: the recounting of Luther’s “tower experience” (Which you can read here). This is one of the most consequential moments of history, as Luther’s meditations on the words “the just person lives by faith” ultimately led to the Protestant Reformation.

As far as I know, this book exists only as an audio book, though each of the items contained in it are in the public domain and available online. The entire audio book lasts less than three hours, and made several otherwise mundane driving chores into thought-provoking experiences. As with nearly all Hovel Audio productions, the reader (David Cochran Heath) was clear, articulate, and flawless in his reading. You can purchase this audiobook here.

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