Combing the Net – 11/25/2010

A Beard is Born — Is this the origin of National Beard Month? The NY Times real-life Civil War blog reveals the first bearded picture of Abraham Lincoln ever taken. It had never occurred to me that there would be more photographs of his face than of any face in history, but I guess being on the penny and the $5 bill will do that for you.

Photographs of Child Labor Looking for something to be thankful for? How about that our nation no longer exploits children like this?

The Logical Implications of Being Pro-Choice — If life (or, to be more politically correct, “personhood”) does not begin at conception, we are left with the necessity of arbitrarily deciding when it begins. Who gets to decide who is a “real person”? It’s a slippery slope, and as usual, Princeton University’s Peter Singer is leading the descent. Now, apparently, a child has to be able to recognize himself in the mirror (probably at some point between his first and second birthdays) to be granted the moral status of “person”. This shouldn’t be shocking; after all, is there any real moral difference between killing a baby six months before he’s born or killing him a year after he’s born?

Youth Groups Destroy Children’s Lives — Provocative title aside, this is a great article about the dangers of the model of youth ministry most prevalent in today’s churches.

Will You Commit Gluttony or Enjoy a Feast? — This is the question of the day today. Here is the writer’s distinction between eating much as a sin or a celebration: “Gluttony is eating more than you need with a greedy heart… Feasting is enjoying a meal with people you love and thanks for God’s provision.”

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