Combing the Net – 11/29/2010

A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight? — Another entertaining piece by NPR, this time looking at the scientific phenomenon of humans’ inability to maintain a straight line — whether walking, swimming, or even driving — while blindfolded or without a fixed point of reference. (HT: JT)

The Partisan Mind — Ross Douthat’s insightful NYT editorial questions how American’s response to TSA scanning would be different if a Republican were in office. A really worthwhile read. As someone who tries to remain as firmly nonpartisan as possible, I agree with Douthat’s sentiment about the partisan mindset: “It corrupts the intellect and poisons the well of human sympathy.” (HT: Denny Burk)

4th Amendment Wear — For those of you up in arms over the TSA scans, though, here are some must-have travel garments for sticking it to The Man as you head through airport security. Metallic t-shirts and underwear with the 4th amendment on them!

Top 10 Important Blunders of Ancient Science — Here’s a cool list/science lesson. See how 10 influential but wrong scientific/philosophic theories were ultimately proved wrong, but which still served to advance our understanding of the world and our pursuit of knowledge.

Hindus and Al Mohler Agree? — A couple months ago, I linked to a post by Al Mohler that claimed Christians shouldn’t practice yoga because it is a Hindu spiritual ritual. This was pretty controversial, as Mohler continues to receive loads of hate-mail (see here for the latest). However, he’s also been receiving “thank yous” from Hindu believers who want to “Take Back Yoga”, and remind people that it IS a Hindu spiritual practice. For Christians who want to continue to practice yoga, don’t get your feathers ruffled. It’s as he said: “If it has no spiritual dimension for you, it’s not yoga. It’s just stretching.” Nothing wrong with that.

Here’s the final track of Andrew Peterson’s newest CD, “Counting Stars”. It’s my favorite on a really solid album, which you can purchase here for only $3.99 today for “Cyber Monday”.

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