Combing the Net – 11/30/2010

Artists Build the Church — A profile of a church plant in Chicago that seeks to minister specifically to artists as a “lost tribe”. It’s a pretty interesting concept. Their lead pastor, Aaron Youngren, says the church’s goal is to ask and then affirmatively answer the question: “Can the art that is present in the world be redeemed and be a part of the church?” By “redeemed,” Youngren doesn’t just mean hung up on the wall, but fundamentally changed from the core so that, as he said, “everyone can respect it and see it right alongside the rest of art and know that it’s different.”

Pop Culture’s View of Faith — If we as Protestants agree with Martin Luther that “justification by faith alone is the doctrine on which the church stands or falls”, then it’s important to have a right definition of faith. Here is a collection of wrong but common understandings of faith as presented in popular movies, music, and television shows.

Touching Sensitive Areas (or TSA for short) — Once again, Doug Wilson pens a witty, insightful article that follows the TSA security policies to their logical conclusions. Some of my favorite quotes:

“If Orwell were to come back now, what do you think he would be more shocked by — the number of cameras all over the UK or the number of people who had read his book (1984) and yet did not see any connection?”

“Politicians in this case don’t want to defund the TSA just in case someone afterwards highjacks a plane with a weapon cunningly fashioned out of three pair of nail clippers.”

Indelible Grace Hymn Sing — Here you can stream or purchase the newly released album recorded last June in Nashville at a corporate hymn sing. There are some really great tracks here of contemporary renditions of classical hymns. Enjoy!

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson had a big dropped pass on Sunday:

Of course the Bills went on to lose the game, and, sadly, Johnson blamed God for the loss. Read about it here.

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