Combing the Net – 12/2/2010

The Internet Turns Kids Into Terrible Spellers — One thing I absolutely cannot stand is poor grammar and spelling. You can ask my wife. I’m an obsessive spell-checker. If there’s a way to reverse this trend, I’d sure love to find it! (HT: Trevin Wax)

You Are Who God Says You Are — Jared Wilson distinguishes between self-help and God-help, showing that finding our acceptance, security, and significance in God’s promises is Biblical counsel, not “Osteenism”.

Dear Arminians — An excerpt from a recent book on the commonalities between Calvinists and Arminians (which greatly outweigh the differences). This post also includes a short conversation with John Wesley, which may help explain a recent Facebook status of mine for those who did not catch the irony.

Free Audio Book of the Month — I’m super excited about this one! I’ve been looking forward to reading Calvin Stapert’s Handel’s Messiah: Comfort for God’s People, and was actually planning to purchase it with my December book order I’ll be placing this week. I’ll probably still buy the “real” book, but this will make good listening in the meantime!

What an amazing display of God’s common grace toward all men:

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