Combing the Net – 12/8/2010

How to Make a Secret Book Safe — Even lousy books that nobody wants can be redeemed for a useful (and cool!) purpose!

Narnia Invaded — A much more in-depth look at why the Narnia movies are awful than what I posted yesterday.

A Wikileaks Society — There’s been a lot of dialogue (or at least diatribe) about the latest round of Wikileaks releases. Most of it vacillates between the extremes of defending the indefensible or fearful overreacting. Here, Tim Challies gives us some good perspective, as well as voicing some concerns over how this might effect societal change that would impact us all. A quote from his article:

We need to consider if this is really what we want. Do we really want to have a society where no secret is safe, where we all demand access not only to decisions, but also to the basis for those decisions and the information that led to them? Do we really want to live with the constant fear, the constant expectation, that everything will be revealed? On a pragmatic level there is a lot to gain, but I fear that on a societal level there is too much to lose.

Trevin Wax’s Best Reads of 2010 — I’m sure we’ll see a lot of these lists in the next few weeks. I’ll probably give mine soon, as well, which will include a little overlap with Trevin’s.

And, while this is probably not a real letter, it IS pretty funny! You may need to click through to see it larger. (HT: jwz)

One comment on “Combing the Net – 12/8/2010

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks so much for your link on the narnia films. It is good to see your perspective, and what our perspective should be. In our relativistic society, we should be different in every way to our non-believing conterparts. But, as is evident in these films and others, Hollywood has it’s own ideas of what is right and wrong. Thanks again, and keep it coming!

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