Book Review: The Jesus Storybook Bible

A couple months ago, Laurie and I bought the Jesus Storybook Bible to read to Nate. While it’s probably still a little beyond his current comprehension, it sure is a lot of fun! I’ll really enjoy watching him and our future children grow into it.

What makes this particular children’s Bible so much better than any other I’ve seen is the fact that it combines kid-friendly illustrations and language with faithfulness to the Biblical metanarrative. In other words, it avoids the problem of most kids’ Bibles, which often present Bible stories as merely stories, with nothing to differentiate them from any collection of illustrated fairy-tales.

The Jesus Storybook Bible breaks the Bible down into 44 short stories, but underneath them all is THE story of the Bible: God’s redemption of the world through his Son, Jesus. When we read the Bible, we should see and understand that it’s ALL about Jesus. This story Bible does a wonderful job of showing exactly how every Bible “story” is really about Jesus. It points out how Jesus is foreshadowed in the Old Testament, and how in His life, death, and resurrection, all of God’s promises were fulfilled. For that reason, it’s really a great Bible for ALL Christians, not just those with young children.

The Deluxe Edition, which we bought, also includes CD’s of narration of all of these stories by David Suchet, who is one of the best story-tellers I’ve ever heard. Zondervan has also made YouTube clips of many of these narrated stories. Here are two of them, just in time for the Christmas season (feel free to skip past the 40-second introductions):

I couldn’t recommend this Bible more highly. You can buy it for under ten bucks here, but it’s worth the extra $7 to get the deluxe edition.

4 comments on “Book Review: The Jesus Storybook Bible

  1. Perkins says:

    Reading reviews on Amazon tell a little different story. Read a review where there seem to be several not quite accurate telling of stories. It does not sound any better than other Bible storybooks to me. See review on the book by Mark Loughridge on Amazon. I do not think we will be purchasing this one.

    • John Gardner says:

      Fair enough, though even Pastor Loughridge recommends the book. I do agree with him, though, about combining this book with the Big Picture Story Bible, which we also have. Any time you are making a paraphrase Bible, whether it’s a children’s Bible or an “adult” Bible, there is going to be something lost in translation. This Bible isn’t perfect, but I still think it’s the best I’ve seen.

      The illustrations aren’t as big a deal to me as he makes them out, and with the exception of the 1 week vs. 7 years waiting for Rachel (which, to be fair, is something still debated by Bible scholars, though I agree with Loughridge’s interpretation) I haven’t seen anything that makes me question the book’s accuracy.

      If you ever do get a chance to check it out for yourself I’d be interested to hear your observations. As for me, for now I’ll side with the 200 out of 213 Amazon reviewers who recommend it.

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