Combing the Net – 12/17/2010

$5 Friday — Ligonier has some deals available every Friday, but today’s list includes R.C. Sproul’s excellent commentary on the book of John, which I HIGHLY recommend! I definitely paid much more than five bucks for it…

You Love Classical Music But Just Don’t Know It — I linked to this same video earlier this week, but today Kevin DeYoung adds some extra pastoral insights from the perspective of someone who is not a musical aficionado. If you didn’t watch the video the other day, you will definitely want to do that… it’s great!

Obama’s Religious Language — A USA Today op-ed cautions the President to “watch his religious language” if he “doesn’t mean to exacerbate believers’ worries about his secular intentions”. (HT: TW)

Encouragement to Mothers Whose Husbands Don’t Attend Church — Thabiti Anyabwile’s second thoughtful response to this article (which I also encourage you to read) about the fact that when fathers do not faithfully attend church, their children are very unlikely to attend once they are grown.

I’ve seen some church Christmas programs which truly defy explanation (though Kim Riddlebarger gives this one a valiant try here)… this one is definitely unique!

On a side note, this video may prove that North Point’s iPad Band isn’t quite as innovative as they thought!

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