Combing the Net – 12/21/2010

Now That Was Just Mean, Obama! — Our president engaging in a little snowball throwing!

An Everyday Example of the Evil of Big Government — This is the type of thing that happens when the government involves itself in places it has no business meddling.

When Was Jesus Really Born? — For those interested in dates and history, here’s a scholarly article looking at possible dates for our savior’s birth. (HT: JT)

Music: Gift or God? — Did you choose your church based on the quality or style of music? This is just one of the 5 indicators that this good gift from God may be turning into an idol.

Essential Books About Church History — A good starter list from The Resurgence for those interested in learning more about church history. To this list I would add The Unquenchable Flame, a book I read recently and greatly enjoyed.

The Nativity story according to the Internet (HT: MTC)

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