Combing the Net – 1/11/2011

Nashville Symphony in Concert — Thanks to NPR, the entire concert from the NSO’s return to the flood-ravaged Schermerhorn Symphony Center is now available for FREE online streaming!

Egypt’s Muslims Serve as Human Shields for Coptic Mass — For those who have been clambering for the “non-extremist” Muslims to come out of the woodwork to oppose terrorism perpetrated in the name of Islam, here’s a story of some who have done just that. So, is this an encouraging sign of common grace, or a symptom of ecumenical pluralism? It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Iran Arrests Dozens of Evangelical Christians — On the flip side of Christian-Muslim relations…

The Tucson Tragedy and God’s Gift of Moral Language — Thank God for an injection of reason and Christian love into the horribly politicized discussion of the recent shooting in Arizona. This blog by Kevin DeYoung is a must-read.

This is one of the most bizarre and awesome things I’ve ever seen in a hockey game… the puck splits in half!

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