Combing the Net – 1/13/2011

The Message of the Bible in One Sentence — 25 pastors and theologians were asked to give a brief summary of the Gospel. Some very good answers were given!

9Marks Journal on Pastoral Moves — The lastest eJournal from 9Marks Ministries is all about pastoral moves, and includes a lot of great thoughts and resources for churches, who, like mine, are searching for a new pastor. Check out also local pastor Jeff Wright’s additional thoughts on pastor search committees.

Haiti, One Year Later Another phenomenal photo essay from looks at the aftermath of the earthquake that rocked Haiti a year ago (can you believe it’s already been that long?).

Chilling Almost Beyond Belief — Al Mohler points out some recent horrifying statistics on abortions in America. “We are a murderous people, and the blood of the innocent cries out for justice.” What will it take? Recently, a grass-roots effort called Life Project was undertaken to help wake us up to the miracle of life and the tragedy of abortion. Part of the project includes using “abortion imagery carefully, but without fear”. The hope is that showing people the disgusting reality of abortion will have a similar effect on our nation as the chilling photos from concentration camps during the Holocaust, which helped spur a war-weary nation to action. I encourage you to click through to their site, but be warned: parts of it are VERY graphic. Definitely not safe for children. Here is the video trailer for the project.


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