Combing the Net – 1/14/2011

11 of the Stupidest Criminals Ever — Vote for your favorites here!

The Most Popular Letters in the World — A chart showing which letters appear most frequently in Google searches. Not surprisingly, “A” is the most popular letter, while “J” brings up the rear. I can only attribute the surprisingly high ranking of the letter “X” to the unfortunate abundance of Internet pornography…

Social Before Birth — The results of a new research study conducted on twin fetuses show that pre-born children have awareness and control of their movements even earlier than previously suspected, and “force us to predate the emergence of social behavior”. (HT: TW)

Bottoms Up! — A recent FCC decision opens the door for bare behinds to be displayed on network television, which will inevitably lead to envelope-pushing in other ways as well.

The 100 Best-Selling “Christian” Books of 2010 — An interesting and discouraging list, as most of these really stretch the definition of what I can consider “Christian” works. Proof that Christian Smith is right in his assessment that America’s primary religion is “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism” (which Michael Horton explain in this video)  rather than Christianity. There are a few outstanding books on the list, but there’s also a whole lot of garbage.

This is impressive: A man holds his breath for minutes at a time, while walking along the ocean floor (65 feet deep) hunting with a crossbow. With the exception of the random assertion that humans may once have been marine mammals, this is a pretty great video! (HT: 22 Words)

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