Combing the Net – 1/19/2011

Abortion Doctor Charged With Murder — This is one of the most disgusting stories I’ve read in a long time, but what is even more disgusting is the legal murder of millions of pre-born children every year.

A World Without Steve Jobs — A surprisingly insightful article about the influence Steve Jobs has on our culture, and how his absence (temporary for now, but eventually permanent) might affect us all. I promise it’s way more interesting than I’ve made it sound…

The World’s First Puckelball Pitch — Here’s a really interesting concept: A soccer-like sport that seeks to “even the playing field” by creating a very uneven playing field!

Rape at the Super Bowl — The dark side of America’s biggest sporting event. Every year, the Super Bowl becomes a hub for human trafficking, as men pay to rape young girls that have been brought from all over the country. Will you allow your voice to be heard to try to do something about it?

Monterey’s New Road Clearing Strategy — Here’s a local tidbit, which, with more snow on the way, may be of interest. Monterey is out of road salt, and is going to try something else to attempt to keep roads clear. Here’s hoping it works!

As someone who really appreciates talent in all its many forms, this really impresses me:

Perhaps most impressive is that he still has all his fingers!

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