Combing the Net – 1/26/2011

Analysis of a Typical Facebook Debate — Yeah, this is pretty much true.

Obama and the Corruption of Political Language — “The president’s statement that abortion on demand affirms a “fundamental principle” is evidence of a man who is willing to corrupt the English language in order to advance an ideological agenda — and in this instance, a particularly vicious and brutal agenda.”

Conviction and Civility — Jim Wallis and Chuck Colson are an odd pairing to write anything together, but a fitting choice for this topic (a need for civility in political discourse). I agree with much of what is said, but I’m not sure the problem can be corrected by a mere call for civility. When a large segment of the population views the very notion of an objective standard of morality as foolish at best and oppressive at worst, it severely undercuts the ability for their opponents’ civility to be received as such. No matter how civilly I contend for my conviction that abortion is an objectively evil act, that very statement will be seen by others as an act of aggression, to which they typically respond in kind.

The Most Influential Books for Reformed Evangelicals — Reading through this list, I realized that all but one of the books on this list (including the 6 that tied for 10th place) are currently on my bookshelf. The only one that isn’t is the Jerry Bridges book, and that’s only because I have it on Audiobook instead. It’s a pretty awesome list, and if you’re looking for a great book, I encourage you to start with anything you see here. You’re welcome to borrow my copies as long as you don’t mind reading books that are all marked up…

The BBC has recently released some archived footage of interviews with J.R.R. Tolkien about his Lord of the Rings books. (HT: JT, who has trimmed these videos down to smaller chunks on his site):

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