Why Rejection May Not Be So Bad

In case you haven’t already seen it, a commercial for Lookup316.com was rejected for use during the Super Bowl by Fox Sports, because it was deemed to contain “religious doctrine”. While this might initially seem disappointing, I really don’t think it is! It’s generated so much buzz, it’s probably getting more views (and more of the intended response of looking up the website and/or the Bible verse) than it would have if aired during the big game. Just check out all the exposure it’s gotten:

New York Times

Washington Times

Huffington Post

It’s even getting international attention (something that never would have happened during the Super Bowl):

The Daily Mail (UK)

Korrespondent (Russia)

And, of course, it’s going viral on YouTube. Not bad publicity for a $50,000 production, and probably a lot better than they would have gotten for their $3,000,000 if Fox had given it the okay!

Here’s the controversial video, including music by Keith & Kristyn Getty:

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