Combing the Net – 2/7/2011

How Long Can You Hug Someone Before It’s Awkward? — According to this research study, it’s 3 seconds. (HT: Z)

How to Shovel Snow Like a Man — This may come in handy to all the southern folk dealing with more than the usual amounts of snow this year.

Where Have All the Presbyterians Gone? — A great recent Wall Street Journal article by Russell Moore about the decline of denominationalism in America, along with signs that this trend may be reversing. “Many young evangelicals may be poised to reconsider denominational doctrine, if for no other reason than they are showing signs of fatigue with typical evangelical consumerism.”

Wickedness Warring Against Women and the Womb — Two recent videos showing Planned Parenthood workers giving aid and instruction for illegal activities (such as running a prostitution ring of 14- and 15-year-old girls). Really disgusting.

In case you are ever confused about  the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England:

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