Combing the Net – 2/11/2011

Lackluster, Epileptic, Eyeball… and 99 Other Words That Shakespeare Invented — Most people have no idea how indebted we are to this great poet and playwright!

Aaron Rodgers’ Unforgettable Forgiveness — Even the Super Bowl has spiritual themes!

God, Egypt, and the Fear of Freedom — Russell Moore reflects on the ongoing crisis in Egypt, reminding us that all who are in Christ were once in Egypt. There are deep spiritual truths to be drawn from this conflict.

An Alarming Trend: The Illiteracy of Boys — “My belief is that boys who don’t read become men who don’t read, and to not be a reader is to not be a reader of God’s Word. Untrained in the Scriptures, and not knowing them, Christian men will become increasingly unqualified to lead their homes and their churches. We need to reverse this trend.”

A Jeff Wright Double-Whammy — My good friend Jeff Wright (a local pastor) has written two really great blog posts this week; I hope you’ll look into both of them. The first looks at some of the many concerns (which I share) about doing business with LifeWay Christian Stores. The second seeks to avoid the pitfalls of legalism and liberalism in our approach to issues on which Scripture is less clear, specifically with regard to the use of alcohol.

Brad Green’s Reading Habits — The speaker from the most recent Humanitas Forum (and author of The Gospel and the Mind) shares his impressive reading list and habits.

Hope this brings you a good laugh!

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