Book Review: Romans

“Romans (St. Andrew’s Expositonal Commentary)” by R.C. Sproul

Like his commentary on the book of John, this is a masterpiece. Sproul’s writing style is conversational and very clear, making the book an engaging and approachable read for anyone. It certainly didn’t seem like a 520-page theological treatise (though it is); it “felt” like I was reading something very personal and enjoyable, almost like a novel… a rare description for a Bible commentary!

Though I continue to look forward to all of Sproul’s commentaries, this was the one for which I had been most anxiously awaiting. Romans is the greatest book in the Bible, and right in Sproul’s wheelhouse. He hit it out of the park!

This book, like Paul’s letter, touches on nearly every theological issue which Christians debate. Sproul is clear about his own theological convictions, yet fair with other viewpoints. This is something I’ve always appreciated about his teaching. There is no personal agenda, no axe to grind with those who disagree with him. His only goal is to convey his vast knowledge to others, for the building up of God’s church.

I can’t recommend this commentary highly enough. If you’ve never owned a commentary, this is a great place to start. If you have read many commentaries, you’ll still have much to learn from this one. I love it, and so will you! Buy it here.

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