Combing the Net – 2/16/2011

Honk if You Love Anti-Christian Bumper Stickers — I’m convinced Russell Moore can write an interesting and convicting article based on just about anything. Today: Bumper Stickers! “There are some things more important than whether we’re proven right, things like truth and hope and grace and, above all else, love.

When Is An Issue Important Enough to Correct Someone? — A timely post by Justin Taylor, as I was just having a similar discussion yesterday. When someone is in error, when should we confront them and when should we let it go?

How Do You Address Modesty? — Bob Kauflin with wise counsel on how to humbly and honestly address clothing-related issues, specifically in the context of corporate worship.

Finding Forgiveness — Every so often, there’s something really fantastic on network TV that bears watching. Here’s an example: a clip from an old episode of ER that exposes the problems of liberal theology.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Blog Logo — I’ve been thinking for a while that my blog really needs a logo. Problem is, I have no gifting in the visual arts, and no creativity when it comes to even conceptualizing what I might like it to look like. Any readers out there want to take a stab at making something for me?

What a Marvel is Man — Kevin DeYoung commenting on the ongoing “Man vs. Machine” tournament on Jeopardy.

Proof that all the modern day deodorant/hairspray/body-wash commercials that depict women being unable to resist a man because of his hygienic products is nothing new:

One comment on “Combing the Net – 2/16/2011

  1. I present to you the Honey and Locust blog logo…

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