Absence Explained

It’s been a while since my last blog update, and this won’t be much of one. My laptop has crashed, and I don’t have my new one yet. At the moment I’m borrowing a tiny netbook from the church. I’m thankful to have something that allows me to continue to get at least a little work done (I hate how reliant I am on technology sometimes!), but I have no idea how people use these things regularly. It takes me about four times longer to type anything because they keyboard is microscopic!

It has been an interesting several days, though. Laurie and I traveled to Washington, DC, for the funeral of her Uncle Jack, where I was recruited to serve as a pallbearer. Uncle Jack was a devout Catholic; it was the first Mass I’ve been to in a REALLY long time. I tried to be as respectful as possible, but I might have sort of stared down the priest during his intercessory prayer for the deceased, and when I refused to accept communion.  Thankfully, I resisted the urge to ask him whether Jesus wasn’t filling enough when he was commenting on how hungry he was at the reception following the service.

Anyway, due to the rushed nature of our trip (we pulled in our driveway about 32 hours after we left; spent 21 of those hours driving), followed by a full day of brass band rehearsal for me and baby shower attending for Laurie, we’re both pretty exhausted. That exhaustion coupled with a lack of a computer hopefully buys me a little understanding from those wondering about the lack of posts.

Theoretically I’ll have my new laptop tomorrow (!!!), so hopefully I’ll get back in a groove soon. Now it’s off for an early bedtime to get caught up on some rest!

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