Combing the Net – 2/24/2011

Scenes From Christchurch, NZ — Pictures from the massive devastation following the recent earthquake in New Zealand.

How Do You Respond When Your 12-Year-Old Dies? — Touching testimony from two parents who lost their son last week on a youth group ski trip. It’s easy to say I’d respond this way in the face of tragedy, but would I? I sincerely hope I never have to find out, but pray that I will always be able to give God glory in every circumstance, as the Stellrecht family has done.

Are You Smarter Than an Eighth Grader Circa 1895? — My how our expectations of public education have been lowered…

Literature on the Front Lines — What a fascinating story! During WWII, almost 1.3 million books were printed and distributed to American soldiers fighting overseas as an effort to improve morale. “Books are weapons in the war of ideas.”

Should We Baptize Young Children? — I’ve been mulling over this question a lot recently myself, and will probably write a post on it soon. That said, Trevin Wax’s position almost exactly mirrors my own (but he is much more eloquent in expressing it than I’m likely to be!). On the same subject, I highly recommend listening to (or at least reading the written summary of) Mark Dever’s sermon entitled “At What Age Should Believers Be Baptized?”

Here’s a pretty cool stop-motion video animation of someone having fun re-organizing a bookshelf:

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