Combing the Net – 3/1/2011


Sex is Cheap — Is the fact that it’s easier for young men to have sex now than in previous generations to blame for the failings of men in nearly every other sphere of life?

Don’t Follow the Money — Here’s an interesting take on local economics, proposing that buying local may not be as helpful for our communities as we’ve often heard. (HT: Caleb Cangelosi, whose comments on the article are also worth reading)

What Are the Most Important Hymns for Kids? — Tony Kummer is taking a poll as research for a future post. I’m interested to see the results, as I’ve already included many of the hymns on the list a part of the Systematic Hymnology curriculum I’m developing.

Christian Author’s Book Sparks Charges of Heresy — The controversy surrounding Rob Bell’s new book (see yesterday’s post) has now gone mainstream, as CNN is covering the story. Also, here are two more helpful evangelical responses, by Al Mohler and Kevin DeYoung.

Remembering Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones — One of the greatest preachers of the last century died 30 years ago today. If you aren’t familiar with him, take a few minutes to get to know him. Here’s a short biography of the Doctor:

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