Book Review: Serving God on the Christian School Board

“Serving God on the Christian School Board” by Roy W. Lowrie, Jr. and Roy L. Lowrie

While obviously a book that will have quite limited appeal, this has been of great help to me in my capacity as President of the Board of Directors at Highland Rim Academy. First published in 1976 by Row Lowrie, Jr., the first president of the Association for Christian Schools International, this book has undergone two revisions by his son, with the most recent coming in 2004.

While the book includes many practical considerations (organizational structures of boards, running a timely and efficient meeting, selecting board members, etc), what I appreciated most was the emphasis on what makes a Christian school board distinct from other boards. The authors place a great deal of emphasis not only on the necessity of personal holiness for board members, but on the corporate reading of Scripture and prayer that takes place during meetings. This is something without which we can accomplish nothing of value!

I also enjoyed the final chapter, called “The Marks of a Quality Board”. This is a resource that essentially summarizes and reiterates what is said throughout the rest of the book, making it a handy quick reference guide. If you are affiliated with a Christian school in any way — but particularly if you are serving on a school board — I encourage you to purchase this book to learn more about how a well-governed Christian school operates.

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