Combing the Net – 3/10/11

Muppet Alignment ChartWhere do various Muppets lie on the scale from good to evil?

Elephant Room — Here’s an interesting concept for a simulcast event. Putting together seven influential pastors with VERY different understandings of the gospel and approaches to ministry, in order “to model loving confrontation and loving disagreement that honors relationship and allows diversity of opinion but stands without compromise on the revealed word of God.” Could be good, could be asking for trouble.

The What, When, and How of Family Worship — Yesterday’s post mentioned some philosophical reasons why families should engage in worship together at home. This post shares some practical ways to make it happen.

Makoto Fujimora on The Four Holy GospelsPart two of the artist’s series discussing his monumental new work, the first illuminated Bible in over 400 years. Here’s a short preview of Fujimora’s work:

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