Combing the Net – 3/17/2011

The Napping Habits of 8 Famous Men — Sneaking small amounts of sleep into a busy schedule is a common theme among men who have achieved great things. I could definitely learn from this!

Flying Babies — This made me laugh. I know it’s probably a fake, but I really want to go toss my kid right now…

Classical Rhetoric 101 — The fifth entrance in this ongoing series focuses on the canon of style; how does one present an argument in such a way that people want to listen to you?

Doctrine to Die For — Here’s a review of a film you have probably never heard of (I hadn’t) about a story you’ve probably never heard (I hadn’t). It won a lot of awards in France, but hasn’t gotten much publicity here in the States. It’s about a group of French monks in Algeria who were murdered by Islamic insurgents in the 1990’s. Sounds interesting… I hope to check it out sometime soon.

What Evangelicals Can Learn From Saint Patrick — Here’s a re-post from a couple years ago, as Russell Moore teaches about one of my favorite figures from Christian history. Or if you don’t feel like reading, you can learn about St. Patrick from the crew at Veggietales:

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