Combing the Net – 3/18/2011

A Night of Hope — If you hurry, you might still be able to get tickets to watch prosperity prettyboy Joel Osteen tonight in the Bridgestone Arena. I love that when the article first went up it said that Osteen was scheduled to “perform” tonight, but they’ve since changed it to “speak”. They probably had it right the first time… I’m sure he’ll put on a good show!  Pretty scary that Joel Osteen and the Detroit Red Wings will be in the Preds’ barn on consecutive nights. Hard to say who’s worse! Speaking of…

The 68 Reasons Why NHL Playoffs are Better Than March Madness — The playoffs are just a few weeks away! Hopefully my Predators will be there.

The Heresy of Perfectionism — Something I struggle with all the time.

What Evangelical Leaders Believe About the End Times — A recent poll from the Christian Post. No surprise: Most are premillenial.

Rob Bell Says He’s a Heretic — There’s been plenty of blog buzz about Rob Bell’s latest book; many people are saying he’s finally crossed the line into full-fledged heresy. In this Huffington Post article — which takes a sympathetic stance toward Bell — the author/”pastor” gladly accepts that moniker.

The Tears of Christ — The third post in artist Makoto Fujimora’s series about his latest project includes a personal note about the recent tragedy in Japan.

Keith Getty on Hymn Writing — Here’s an interview with one of my favorite contemporary hymn writers (and also a brand new father), including a brand new video of his band performing his hymn “Come People of the Risen King”. I love the Getty’s, and theirs is a great performance, but I prefer the musical creativity in this version recorded by Keith Getty’s hymn-writing partner Stuart Townend:

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