Combing the Net – 3/22/2011

Man Knowledge: A Pirate Primer — A thorough (and fun!) introduction to all things pirate.

Excellent, Not Elite — Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making, argues that Christians influence the culture more by striving to pursue excellence in whatever field they are gifted, rather than by pursuing positions of “status”.

Post-Feminist Regrets — Denny Burk comments on a Wall Street Journal OP-ED piece (which I also recommend reading) by the mother of grown daughters about how conflicted women in her generation are about their own sexual past, as they now try to shelter their children from making the same mistakes they made.

Why Singing Music from Sovereign Grace is Better Than Singing Hymns — A slightly tongue-in-cheek apologetic for why churches should make more use of modern and modernized hymns by groups such as Sovereign Grace Music. Also check out the follow-up to this post, called Why Singing Hymns is Better Than Contemporary Worship Music.

What About Those Who Haven’t Heard? — A helpful survey of positions that Christians have taken in answer to the question of whether it is possible for those who have never heard about Jesus to be saved.

The Necessity of Harsh Words for False Teaching — Is it “mean” to rebuke those who spread false teaching about Jesus Christ? Not according to the Bible…

Speaking of harsh words, check out this video of Denver the Guilty Dog!

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